Republic Day Celebration

A proud moment when the Constitution of India came into existence is celebrated as the Indian Republic Day on 26 January every year. The entire country celebrates the day with utter enthusiasm and patriotism. We at Diya Lab Tech Pvt Ltd celebrated 71st republic day by decorating work area with colorful balloons and Tricolor decorations as usual in the office.

As the day marks our salute to a free India with its own constitution, keeping a ‘Tricolor’ dress code added the magical patriotic touch to the entire Republic Day Celebration.

Our Life is full of colors. We hope this 26th January will add more colors to your life. Happy Republic Day!

Diwali Celebration

Participation in Diwali contests like – DIYA making, cubical decoration, colourful Rangoli and Fireworks etc.

HRs and Managements Teams planned and managed games inside the office area for the employees in the course of Diwali festival to shun the frustration of not going home on the foremost occasion of the millennium-Diwali. The management really tried their level best and schedule a series of events to recall and glorify Indian culture. Enjoyed a lot @Diya Lab Tech !!

Dussehra Glimpses

Celebrating the victory of the good over evil, Dussehra enjoys quite a celebrity status amongst the festivities of India as we know it, are one too many.

Dussehra means different things to different people. For some, it marks the end of fasting. For others, it means enjoying a brilliant display of fireworks at the local mela. And then there are those who celebrate this Hindu festival in more unique ways than others. We also celebrated this festival with delicious Fafda and Jalebi.

Birthday Celebration

Office birthdays — you either love them or hate them. Some people want any excuse to eat pizza in the middle of the day or even have a break from work and celebrate someone’s birthday. Others are so busy during the day that they thought of having an office birthday party is simply anxiety-inducing — they won’t even entertain the idea of taking a half hour or so to dip out of their desk space for a celebration. But We at Diya Lab Tech celebrate employee birthdays with a highly anticipated Cake Day and also arrange dinner parties after office hours.